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Term-by-Term Music Lessons Booking Info and T&Cs


Booking Process for Term-by-Term lessons:

The lessons are planned ahead and organised for each term,  reflecting the official school dates of Brent & Harrow. At the end of each term, the student/parent will receive the proposed dates for the next term by email. The student/parent is asked to suggest any necessary changes – e.g. starting the term later, finishing the term earlier, increasing the half term break, etc. Any notice of change should be received within a maximum of 10 days of receiving the proposed lesson dates. Once the lessons have been confirmed, the payment due for the full term will be sent out. After this, lessons cannot be cancelled or transferred to another term.

Lessons may be paid in one or two instalments, the first one due on or before the first lesson of the term. If a change is necessary, or a lesson is missed due to illness or other valid reasons, the lesson can be rescheduled, ideally within the same week, or sometimes in the holiday, subject to availability. Please do notify Gundula as soon as possible. If a lesson is missed without prior notice, the lesson cannot be rebooked.

Payments can be made by bacs or in cash.

Bank details:

Bank: Santander
Name: Magic Violin
Account No: 04480368
Sort Code: 09-01-50


For the annual lesson booking option please click here


Terms & Conditions for term-by-term lesson bookings:

  • The number of lessons confirmed for each term is binding. Lessons cannot be transferred to the next term.

  • Changes can be requested by both sides. The number of changes need to be within reason. If there are more than two changes requested by one student, rescheduling cannot be guaranteed. Changes from Gundula’s side will be rare, and she will guarantee that all lessons will be made up before the end of the term. Lessons can be made up as online lessons, if necessary.

  • If the lessons for a new term are not confirmed in time, the student might lose its dedicated time. If the payment does not arrive punctually, and no contact has been made to discuss any issues, the lessons will automatically be cancelled.

  • Preparation: Practise is essential for good progress and good exam results. A daily practise session of 10 mins (beginner) to 1h (Grade 7/8) would be ideal. Practise sessions of 4-5 times a week are acceptable. Practising less than 3 times a week (apart from exceptions during exam times or similar situations) is not acceptable to Gundula, and the student might lose his/her place. Reminders will be given regularly, and a deadline/notice period of half a term may be given.

  • If a student decides not to continue lessons, a notice period of 4 weeks would be highly appreciated, so any new student may get the chance to take over the place.

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