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Annual Music Lessons Booking Info

Booking Process for Annual lesson bookings:

My reason for this new offer is to ensure regular and committed lessons and allow more flexibility for eventual changes. The fee will be slightly lower to reflect the longer commitment and less administration time on my part. Also, monthly payment may be easier to budget than the termly lump sum requested for termly payments.


The Financial Set-Up

  • A total of 34 classes will take place in each teaching year.

  • The contract will start from September each year, the start of the academic year. There will also be a flexible option for students who have two lessons a week or if their contract needs to start at a different time of the year.

  • The total fee will be divided into 11 equal payments, taken via direct debit regularly once a month.

  • A discount of approximately 3% will be applied to the total amount payable.

  • If you need to cancel the contract early, a 5-week notice period will be required. Also, an administration fee of £10 will be charged and the discount of approximately 3% will be added back on.


Lesson Management:

  • A regular day and time for lessons will be agreed in advance as before. Individual classes can be changed, or cancelled and made up later and this applies to both the student and teacher.

  • For any changes made a minimum period of 24 hour notice will be required, except in the case of illness when a cancellation can be made on the same day. All changes must be in writing via SMS/WhatsApp or email, even if already agreed over the phone.

  • If a student does not turn up to a class without apology or an agreed change, the class will be marked as completed and be lost.

  • Teaching will still take place during term time on a weekly basis. The number of classes included in the contract will be one or two less than most students have each year allowing a little more flexibility. At the end of each term a statement of the completed lessons will be sent out.

  • In addition, there will be a shared google doc with lesson notes and completed dates.

  • Outstanding lessons can be made up at any time during the year including holidays periods and on occasion as online lessons.

  • Lessons must be completed within the duration of the contract and cannot be transferred to the following year. Both teacher and student have the responsibility to plan ahead accordingly and ensure that all lessons are completed.

For the term-by-term lesson booking option please click here