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Balkan Village Band

"The Balkan Village Band radiate electricity with each performance" 
- Sarah W at The Ritzy.

The Balkan Village Band is a community ensemble based in Bethnal Green that shares a passion for Eastern European and Balkan Gypsy music. Led and taught by violinist, singer, and ethnomusicologist Gundula Stojanova Gruen, the group performs a diverse repertoire of soulful songs and lively dance tunes from various regions south and east of the Danube.

Past performances include the Gallery Café, Bethnal Green, the Ritzy, Brixton, Portsmouth Dark Fest and Hampstead Heath Band Stand. The group regularly organises interactive music and dance sessions together with dance group Loli Grasnya.


Balkan Village Band


Lockdown Production:



Balkan Village Band

Learn, Enjoy & Perform
Join us for endless fun and magic music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans
WHEN: Tuesday evenings from 7.15pm
WHERE:  The Chapel, St Margaret's Settlement, Bethnal Green 
~ please get in touch before your visit.
Summer Term Rehearsals start on Tuesday the 30th April, though you can join any timeSessions start at 7.15pm - get in touch before joining.
Zoom sessions will also continue, same time - please get in touch if you are interested to join, wherever you are right now in the big wide world :-)
Membership Booking link


About our rehearsals:

Lively sessions of learning and rehearsing music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans - a colourful mix of songs and tunes in straight and ‘weird’ time signatures from both folk and Romany traditions. Some are mad dance tunes, some are gentle or tragic songs. Amongst them are the famous ‘must-play’ Balkan songs as well as unknown and rare treasures. The basic learning is by ear, but sheet music is distributed during learning process.


Once you are a member, you will have access to our rich collection of musical resources, including sheet music for all transpositions, clefs, and tunings (new ones will be added if needed for new instruments). Rehearsal recordings are available for all pieces, including audio files for practicing lyrics.

The Balkan Village Band always welcomes singers and people playing instruments of any shape, range, and tuning, including plucked strings, percussions, and homemade devices that sound wonderful. Please note, the possession of a kazoo is the sole condition for joining Balkan Village Band - there are always freshly disinfected hire kazoos available when you visit for a trial session.

Any questions regarding sessions or fees please email

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