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The Cat who played the Violin ~ Seven Swans

a joyous journey into Balkan music and stories

This is a sparking collaboration between writer and performer Sally Pomme Clayton and musician and composer Gundula Stojanova Gruen and her band The Magic Violin Trio. Whirling music and songs weave through sparkling spoken word. Learn a rhythm, join in with a song, tap your feet to a simple dance, and enter a fairytale world where the animals talk and wishes come true. Meet: the cat with golden whiskers who plays the violin; Mrs Fox and her hungry daughters; the nettle witch; seven swans and the bold heroine who sets them free. The performance is entertaining and utterly magical, welcoming all. Songs and stories are drawn from the folk traditions of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The performance is suitable for all ages and lasts about an hour. Come and join the party!

"The way the story unfolded was quite captivating. A thoroughly recommended,
engaging and entertaining performance."
Rachel K

Watch excerpts from a performance at Wembley Library:

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