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Pajdushko Demo and Play-along Practice - Balkan Melody Mastery Course

Here's a demo version of Pajdushko, a Macedonian/Bulgarian dance tune in 5/8 time signature. We are playing it here in a slower speed so ornaments and articulation can be heard clearly. Also, you can use this to play along and practice with, as there are 4 bars intro...

This tune has been studied in the Balkan Melody Mastery Course

If you need sheet music, get the C instrument version here:

For other versions, check and search with the name of the piece

You can still join the ongoing unit of the course as a background-only participant and enjoy 50% off the full fee.

This option is suitable for attendees worldwide or local participants who can't pay the full price or attend live lessons. After each live Zoom session, you’ll receive a video download link, sheet music, and additional tutorial videos to practice at your own pace.

Dive into the rich world of Balkan melodies with us, but with no pressure. For questions and registration:


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