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Balkan & Eastern European
Romany and folk music



For info on current classes and workshops visit the Magic Balkan Music Academy page and the Events Page


Over the past twenty years, Gundula has inspired many instrumentalists and

singers to become actively involved with Romany Gypsy music from Eastern

Europe and the Balkans.



"Gundula is an expert enabler (and performer) and fun. She is the only teacher I have met in my 5

0 plus years of learning and teaching who has cured my learning-by-ear fear..."

From masterclasses at Universities, Festivals and Academies to community

workshops, Gundula has led countless sessions for musicians of all abilities

and ages. Her ambition is to inspire people to get creative, to draw out

their hidden talents and to make everyone experience the joy of making

music with others.

"Quite different from the normal run of folk music, more challenging and more interesting..."


Gundula’s workshops are known for being fun and full of life. She has taught

both large sessions with 60 participants as well as intimate classes with 1-5 people,

both tailored according to the age and ability of the players., Gundula also provides

mixed-level sessions where whole families can join in.

"Gundula was a lovely, patient and enthusiastic teacher, working well with the participant’s skills and lack of them..."


Click here for more information on vocal workshops, instrumental workshops, dance workshops and combined educational projects.


"I’m still on a high from the FANTASTIC week-end you gave us at Benslow. You gave so much of your passion for the music, your knowledge, and your gifts as a teacher and player..."

                              Gundula also has produced numerous online video tutorials. These have

                                been invaluable in allowing her teaching to extend beyond the UK and

                                 introduce a wider audience to a variety of Eastern European and Balkan

                                   melodies. The tutorials are free, with new ones being added regularly.

                                      Click here to access the tutorials on YouTube.

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