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Balkan & Eastern European Romany and folk music

Vocal Workshop:

Experience the energy and joy of Eastern European and Balkan Gypsy singing. Basic songs are taught by ear, with written lyrics and sheet music available for the more complex melodies.

Balkan-style singing involves using the voice with freedom and passion. Games and exercises to open the voice and to overcome the embarrassment of singing loudly are as much part of the learning activities as learning the melodies, the pronunciation and the style of singing. Depending on the level and experience of the group, a workshop can vary between learning easy songs or vocal arrangements with 4-part harmonies.

Instrumental Workshops:

Music workshops can be tailored to suit every level of playing from lower intermediate to advanced, or mixed level. Musical pieces are taught by ear, with sheet music available to assist with harmony lines and accompaniments. Typical articulation and embellishments will be taught as well as exercises on how to bring a piece up to speed and master other complications. The repertoire encompasses Folk and Romany Gypsy music of Hungary, Romania, Former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey.

  • a GENERAL MUSIC WORKSHOP is suitable for all instruments.

  • a MASTERCLASS is suitable for bowed string players of advanced level, it will cover the virtuosic solo repertoire.

  • a BAND COACHING workshop can be offered to existing bands who are keen to improve their arrangements, their ensemble playing and performance skills.

Percussion Workshop:

Led by Tatcho Drom's percussionist Sass Hoory, these sessions draw on the rich rhythms of South-Eastern Europe with many Turkish and Middle Eastern influences. Sass will teach the basic rhythm pattern and the necessary techniques to master them on a variety of percussion instruments and drums. These workshops can be tailored to suit players of any ability. 

Dance Workshop:

Taught by Linda Giorgeva Toteva, a dancer in many of Gundula's previous performance projects, this workshop is a fantastic opportunity to learn traditional Eastern European and Balkan Gypsy dances in a joyful workshop. Various basic steps and moves will be introduced and practised before moving on to the dances. Dance workshops can either focus on the circle and line-dances from various Eastern European countries, or they can teach Romany Gypsy performance dance, a style that takes elements from Middle Eastern dance, from Flamenco and from step-dancing. It can be tailored to suit dancers of any ability.

Combination Workshops Projects:

Many of these workshops can be combined for a comprehensive Balkan education adventure. Frequently, a percussion, or a dance or singing workshop are booked as a package together with the music workshop. After the individual workshops, all participants will be brought together for a big session of singing, making music and dancing.

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