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This is the link to buy the album as 'old fashioned CD' in a folding case with sleevenotes. For mp3 downloads go back to the main shop.


About the Album:


The Devil’s Lentil Soup combines ancient music with contemporary arrangements and compositions, magical dreams with modern reality. Its music captures the earthy energy of folk and inflects it with the voices of classical, contemporary and jazz.

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1.Greetings from Kalotaszeg trad.4:04
2.Amarisi Amari trad..2:32
3.Kermenska Rachenica trad.3:48
4.Lolli Phabay – Kikko trad.4:46

Mori Sokol Pie -
Falcon Fly


Gundula Gruen
6.Jarnana trad.3:17
7.La Rosa Enflorece trad.4:33
8.Kibori trad.3:40
9.Thunderstorm Gankino trad.3:26
10.Posadila Baba trad.3:27
11.Bengeskri Kani, or,
the Devil's Fart
 Gundula Gruen5:30


All pieces arranged by Gundula Gruen © 2012
Recording & Production: Gundula Gruen
Mixing: Tim Karp
Mastering: Adaq Khan
Art Work: Sasha T-Raid


Musicians of Tatcho Drom:

Gundula Gruen: violin, vocals, piano
Tom Wagner: percussion, vocals
Jeremy Halliwell: guitar
Daniel Otto Kellett: cello
Alessia Cravera: accordion, vocals
Martino Scovachricci: alto sax


Guest Musicians:

Maurizio Pala: accordion on track No 1, 2 and 9
Rebecca Knight: cello on track No 1, 4 and 9
Nicola Burnett-Smith: vocals on No 10

Tatcho Drom Album - The Devil's Lentil Soup

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