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Background Participation Offer


Learn great Balkan tunes and how to play them amazingly.

online, any time, any place

Save 50% as background participant

This course explores traditional Balkan and Eastern European music from various regions and traditions. It delves into folk dances, Gypsy tunes, in both even and odd meters, encompassing some famous pieces but primarily focusing on lesser-known tunes. The teaching emphasises understanding the music, its technical aspects, as well as the energy and charisma inherent in it.

Here’s a summary of the offer:

  • 50% off the full fee for background-only participants.

  • Suitable for people living in different time zones (like Australia or the USA) where the live session times may not be convenient.

  • Also suitable for those on a tight budget.

  • After each live Zoom session, you will receive a video download link as well as sheet music, additional tutorial videos, and tips.


This special offer allows individuals from various time zones to participate in the Balkan Melody Mastery Course without attending the actual Zoom sessions. For instance, if you reside in Australia and the course is scheduled for 4 a.m. your time, or if you’re in the USA and can’t fit it into your lunch break, this offer is for you. The half-price fee acknowledges that you won’t be able to interact live, making this background participation option also suitable for those on a tighter budget.

Here’s how it will work: After each live Zoom session, you will receive a video download link. You will be included in all mailouts, which will contain sheet music, additional tutorial videos, and tips.


Current participants who have missed a session, as well as background participants who exclusively work from the videos, continue to comment on how enjoyable and useful they find working with the Zoom videos at a later time.


Please don’t hesitate to EMAIL if you have any questions.

Find full information on the course, including Zoom samples HERE.

To join the course as a background participant, please register below. The booking will cover one Unit of 5 sessions, unless otherwise specified the current or latest Unit will be applied. Enjoy your learning journey! 

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