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'Beautiful Girl' translated from Romanes, the language of Romany people, is probably the most famous Balkan Gypsy song on earth.


I learnt this arrangement from Romany musicians in Šuto Orizari outside Skopje in North Macedonia, and have since performed and jammed at many ocations in Western and Eastern Europe.


The special power of this piece comes from the combination of modern Balkan rhythms influenced by Latin music, and Chiftetelli rhythms from the 18th century Ottoman times. It is in phrygian mode and has an almost Latin chord progression.


Čaje Šukarije is the ultimate party dance piece; it has some interactive elements for the crowd to shout answering riffs, and the chorus is extremly catchy so one can't help but joining in.


This purchase includes sheet music with all lyrics and their translation for one or two singing voices, several instrumental sections and accompaniment chords.

Chaje Shukarije - Čaje Šukarije

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