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B a l k a n   E x p r e s s 

Balkan folk dance, guided by the caller, and freestyle Balkan Gypsy dance combine to offer interactive and highly entertaining party and festival entertainment. It's a perfect blend of sophistication and unbridled energy, ensuring a lively and

engaging event for all guests.


B a l k a n   E x p r e s s  - ABOUT

An event with BALKAN EXPRESS guarantees to be hugely interactive for each guest, as everyone is invited to participate and learn Balkan style barn dances. Supported by vibrant tunes and melodies courtesy of a five-piece live band, Linda Gjojgeva Toteva, London’s only Romani dance performer with authentic Balkan Romani roots, leads guests in learning Balkan style barn dances. An event with Balkan Express ensures

not only a fun and energetic evening but also a vivid memory

for all as they are introduced to a new fun, new cultural experience. 

  • Performances are tailored to each event and can be staged or performed on the floor among guests.

  • BALKAN EXPRESS can feature a lineup of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 musicians. Performances can be entirely acoustic for intimate locations or fully amplified for large festivals and functions.

  • Each festival or function receives a combination of individually designed music and dance sets, accommodating special requests for specific music pieces.

  • The experience can be enhanced with the addition of our Balkan Romani dancer, Linda Gjojgeva Toteva, who performs Gypsy Romani dances and can lead Barn-dance style Balkan folk and social dances for guests. This ensures audience participation and creates a vivid and enjoyable new cultural experience for all attendees.


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