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A comprehensive study guide for 3rd position on the violin, available as a physical copy.


This book contains over 50 short and concise exercises focusing on every aspect of 3rd position changing and playing. Among them, the most common scales are included, both in 3rd position (1 octave) and transitioning from 1st to 3rd position (2 octaves). The final chapter features pieces from various styles, enabling players to confidently apply their skills and play intermediate melodies in 3rd position.


To achieve proficiency in a new technique, one cannot avoid dry and sometimes daunting exercises. In this book, all daunting exercises are brief and to the point, interspersed with musical mini-etudes, delightful pieces, and presented with a fantasy-like style and illustrations.

Third Position Training: 'Ghostly' Exercises and Practice Pieces (Physical Copy)

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