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The "So Maki Sum Se Rodila" sheet music is perfect for those who want to learn to play or sing this Macedonian folk song. The lead sheet is for Bb instruments such as clarient, trumpet, tenor sax... it also includes lyrics and translation for easy understanding.


The accompaniment chords are for C instruments, suitable for accompaniment by a guitar, accordion or similar.


The beautiful melody line is also very suited to be played on an instrument, so you can use this sheet to create your own arrangement of this song. There is also a lead sheet for C instruments, for Eb instruments and in bass clef available.


Watch and arrangement here:


"So Maki Sum Se Rodila" tells the story of a girl who was born amidst poppy fields and cherishes her homeland. With this sheet music, you can capture the essence of Macedonian culture and add a beautiful piece to your repertoire.

So Maki Sum Se Rodila - Lead sheet with lyrics for Bb instruments

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