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So Maki Sum Se Rodila is a beautiful Macedonian folk song, arranged for vocals and two melody instruments with chords. It includes three verses of lyrics and the translation for easy understanding


This version is in bass clef for instruments such as cello, bassoon, baritone horn/tuba... and for male voices. There are also versions in treble clef, and for Bb and Eb instruments available.


Watch and arrangement here:


The arrangement captures the essence of the traditional tune, with its haunting melody and melancholic lyrics. The song tells the story of a young girl who is born under a mulberry tree and dreams of a life of happiness and love.


This sheet music is perfect for musicians who want to explore the rich and varied musical traditions of Macedonia. With its evocative melody and simple yet powerful harmonies, So Maki Sum Se Rodila is a timeless classic that will enchant audiences for generations to come.

So Maki Sum Se Rodila - Arrangement for vocals and 2 instruments in bass clef

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