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Balkan Jam Session
ON and OFF line

Led by Gundula and hosted by Balkan Village Band

Sunday the 21st April, 1 - 3pm BST

OFF-line participation in Kingsbury NW9

This project is a trial of a something new: A jam session combined online and in-person.

After having listening to so many queries, so much moaning and nagging of people wanting to play Balkan music with us and can't come because its too far, or the car does not start, or the trains strike, I decided to give this a try as a possible solution. After having facilitated numerous online projects, and also a number of combined ones, I am pretty positive, we can transmit a good part our happy and inspiring live energy into people's living rooms and music sheds :-)


The fee will be £3 for online participation and £5 for in-person participation, and totally free for members of Balkan Village Band and the Balkan Melody Mastery Course - This is in exchange for constructive feedback regarding your experience, including sound, how well you could follow, how connected you felt to the group and how much fun you had :-).

Sheet music packs will be available here.

If you are a current member of Balkan Village Band, of the Balkan Melody Mastery Class, or a student of Gundula, please get in touch to receive your discount code for the sheet music pack

Email for any extra


Location: Zoom and London - Kingsbury NW9

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