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An instrument is a companion in your life, and it can really make a difference whether it is a hobby or something more. I’m passionate about teaching music, and about passing on my love for music and the fulfilment it brings me. I’m also dedicated to helping students create a positive learning-cycle for themselves, of hard work and battling through any difficulties they may encounter. The ultimate result is that special joy you feel once the skill is achieved and you’ll go on to play with a new level of fun.

Services offered:

  • One-to-one Violin or Piano lessons for all ages In Kenton/North West London (HA3) and online

  • Tuition, Music Workshops and Tutorial Videos for Balkan/Romany/folk music (click here)

  • Lessons for all ages: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Booking options include annual booking, termly booking, and for intermediate/advanced students, or for speciality lessons in Balkan Romany Eastern European music I also offer also one-off lessons.

  • Grade exam preparation is offered, on violin for all grades including diplomas, on piano up up to Grade 5. Covered are exams for ABRSM, Trinity and MTB exams boards.

  • Piano accompaniment for Violin exams up til Grade 5 and in the lessons. Above Grade 8, an accompanist is provided.

What you get in lessons:

  • Learn a great repertoire of various styles (classic, folk, world, improvisation)

  • Achieve a solid technique foundation.

  • Discover how to 'play with ease', using Alexander Technique elements

  • Combine studying the music on your instrument with music theory for a better musical understanding

  • Enjoy playing with piano accompaniment in the lessons

  • Gain excellent exam results through comprehensive preparation and intense support. Taught are all skills needed for graded music exams (including aural, sight reading, theory)



With Fun: Learn the violin/piano in a friendly, pressure-free and non-judgmental atmosphere. My philosophy is that learning an instrument should bring joy and enrichment to one's life, no matter whether the student is 4 or 74 years of age. A supportive environment is conducive for focused and concentrated learning so we can achieve the best results.


With Feeling: Learn the violin/piano easier with a holistic approach using all your senses. I teach using my own method, one that developed through my experience with the Alexander technique, Yoga, Kinesiology, and other healing arts. In combination with my classical violin and piano training at the Music Academy and 30 years of experience in teaching the violin and the piano, I have found this approach the best when teaching my students. 

Over my years of teaching, I have found that learning in small steps, making sure the understanding is on both a mental and physical level before moving on, achieves the fastest progress. I have seen in my years of teaching, that when students struggle with a difficult passage it is not a lack of practice that is hindering them but a mental or physical blockage. I ensure to work with the students to understand what might be blocking them.

Following on from my teaching experience, I have produced the tutorial book ‘Violin Lessons with Fun and Feeling’ in two volumes. It encompasses my step-by-step approach to learn comprehensively from the start, to avoid such mental and physical blockages. It includes many pieces from all over the world as well as special exercises, games and tips to help the student achieve his or her goal. I’ve produced further books, some about violin technique as well as the Gypsy Music Collection book with MP3, all of which can be found here:


Playing the violin and the piano is extremely rewarding but hard work and commitment is essential, paying attention during lessons as well as regularly practicing at home. Making mistakes is all part of the learning process and there should be plenty of room to for the student to explore. Instead of pressure, I use encouragement and enthusiasm to teach. It always helps not to take yourself too seriously to allow yourself to see the positive side of things.

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