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Magic Violin String Trio

Magic Violin String Trio

Violin/vocals – guitar – cello - a line-up and a repertoire, which features 'all the good and all the bad’ that string players can utilise.

The Magic Violin String Trio developed from Gundula’s 5-piece ensemble Tatcho Drom, performing Eastern European and Balkan folk and Gypsy music. When during Corona 19 the social distancing rules dictated only three musicians would fit into their rehearsal space, a new repertoire developed. Gundula took the inspiration from old music traditions that was performed on string instruments such as tamburas, ouds or balalaikas, sometimes viols or fiddle-type instruments, and a voice. It was an intimate and light music, one of archaic beauty, and very different to what many people expect from Balkan music.

However, the Magic Violin Trio does not restrain itself to Balkan music, anything goes that contains magic. There are a few Silk Road and Ottoman pieces that sneaked into their repertoire as well as some Nordic folk, klezmer and old-fashioned jazz pieces.


The Magic Violin Trio line up features, apart from Gundula on violin & vocals, Fraser Parry on cello & backing vocals and Jeremy Halliwell on guitar.

Whilst Tatcho Drom as a five-piece line-up perform at festivals, larger concert venues and big functions, the Magic Violin Trio works beautifully in studio theatres, art cafes, for dinner receptions and in other intimate and sophisticated settings. Past performances took place at Benslow Music, various church concerts, conferences, and art centres. A new performance project is the collaboration with Storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton.

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