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Before you enter, make sure you have watched the 10 videos, posted from 19th - 29th July:

(If you missed some or you need a reminder, watch here:

Those 10 videos are the 'puzzle pieces' or, in other words, segments of three instrumentals that the segments will make up once they are assembled in the correct order.  


Your 1st challenge is to puzzle them together correctly.

To do that, make a note of  the letter codes of each video ('puzzle piece M' or similar) they are displayed in each video.  

Fill in the appropriate letter into the puzzle templates for the three pieces below. Tip: the look of the video and the shape of the puzzle pieces will give you extra clues.

If you pass the first challenge correctly, the letters will make up a word that is a musical term. Your 2nd challenge is to provide us with the definition of that term. 

Only if all is a correct, you are entered into the draw of the 1st prize, a copy of Gypsy Music Collection book. For details on other prizes, go back to the previous page.

Happy Puzzling and Good Luck :-)

Piece 1: Kikko
Piece 2: Zigano
Piece 2: Djunjuritsa

ThanXXX for taking part in our Magic Quiz, you will hear from us in due time :-)

Unfortunately you are too late :-( :-( :-(

Thanks for visiting anyway. Subscribe to the mailing list to learn early of the next quiz :-)

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