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Gypsy Music Collection
Puzzle Quiz 

Welcome to the Gypsy Music Collection Puzzle,

featuring three pieces from the 2nd Edition of the Gypsy Music Collection book


This is how it works:

  • Watch 10 videos, featuring fragments of pieces from the book, posted on Facebook and Instagram from Tuesday the 19th July, for 10 days.

  • Enter the PUZZLE QUIZ here

  • Latest Submission date: Monday the 31st at 16:59h GMT

  • Wait to be notified of your potential win :-)

More Info:

The puzzle consists of two layers: 

  1. Assemble the musical pieces from the puzzle fragments, identifying the pieces that belong to the same song and arranging them in the correct order.

  2. Once you have correctly lined them up, the letter codes of each video will form a word, this word is a musical term.

If you can accurately provide the definition of this term, you will win the ultimate prize!


  1. 1st Prize: 1x physical book of Gypsy Music Collection with mp3 audio, choose between C instruments, Bb instruments and the Fiddle version.

  2. 2nd Prize: 2x digital download of the Gypsy Music Collections with mp3 audio (for two winning participants).

  3. 3rd Prize: 3xVoucher of £10 for the MagicMusicShop. Alternatively you can choose a ticket to one of Gundula's next performances. 


  • If there are more submissions than prizes, then the following rules will apply:

  • The first prize will be drawn from all correct quiz answers only. For the 2nd prize, all participants with minimum 80% correct answers will be included. For the 3rd prizes, all submissions with a minimum of 60% correct answers will be included.

  • For the 1st-prize-winner, the book will be posted free of charge in the UK only. For any other destination, the postage has to be paid.

  • If you do not play and instrument, and don't have anybody to gift it to, or you own the book already,  you will be offered a voucher or free tickets instead. Please note, no cash prizes are offered

  • The book or shop vouchers are valid for 6 months,

        the ticket vouchers are valid for 1 year.


Enter the Quiz Here

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