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I love combining my music with stories. Those stories may creatively express the emotional experiences I had when  I collected the music on field trips, or they simply follow my 'inner picture house' which is happening inside me whilst listening, arranging or practising specific music tracks...

Magic Violin

Magic Violin


Wild yet sophisticated Balkan Party Music, with optional dance performance and Balkan Ceilidh,bringing the eclectic and vibrant energy of the Balkans to every occasion. 

Providing both music and dancing.

A stunning Music and Dance show, from Volga to Caucasus, bringing, full of coulour, energy and nostalgia, bringing a slice of the Moscova Romani theatre to London

a vibrant community ensemble, led and taught by Gundula, performing a wide repertoire of soulful songs and wild dance tunes from many regions South and East of the Danube.



Considered one of the UK’s leading exponents of Romany Gypsy music, they perform a broad repertoire of traditional music from across Eastern Europe and the Balkans as well as band leader's Gundula Stojanova Gruen’s own original compositions


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