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Practice and Play along to More Čičo Reče *Balkan Melody Mastery Course*

🎶👉Balkan Melody Mastery Course 👈🎶 

This is the latest tune we have been studying in the Balkan Melody Mastery Course. It's from Macedonia, and played at most weddings as social dance. You find a slow version for the first practice, and then a faster version for the more advanced students.

This video was recorded in a beautiful scenery in Skopje, an archaeological square below the old Museum, to practice and play along with More Čičo Reče, a Macedonian folk song.

It’s one of the latest tunes taught in the Balkan Melody Mastery Course!

Find the FAST Play-along here:

For other notations, put 'More Cico Rece Instrumental in G minor' into the search of my shop:

The next unit of the course is starting on June 12th and it would be lovely to have you join us! 

When? Wednesday evenings, 19:00 – 20:30h BST

Where? Online on ZOOM (or in-person in Kenton, London HA3 - limited spaces available)

This course explores traditional Balkan and Eastern European music, including folk dances, and Gypsy tunes, in both even and odd meters, encompassing some famous pieces but primarily focusing on lesser-known tunes.

The teaching emphasizes understanding the music, its technical aspects, as well as the energy and charisma inherent in it.

For more info about the course and booking:


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