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Gundula Stojanova Gruen

Gundula Stojanova Gruen


Lockdown Projects

Online Tutorial Videos:

As lockdown started and people were stuck at home, Gundula began producing music tutorials to share online. Since March 2020, she recorded 21 videos, teaching songs and instrumentals from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, with a total of 700 views. - Watch the videos here

Campfire Convention Summer Solstice Online Festival

A challenging production producing individual video recordings of the band members into an enjoyable piece of performance art. The festival received 5400 views. Comments included ‘Gundula’s unique and fun energy translated into brilliant online performances.’ Watch the individual videos on Gundula’s Channel.

Performance Projects

Macedonian Inspirations:

Alongside Tatcho Drom and dancer Linda Cremin, Gundula created a unique performance project which transported Macedonia’s unique stories and energy to the stage. Inspired by her research trips to Macedonia, Gundula arranged music and in collaboration with Linda, developed choreography to share the stories she found. The show was performed in Kings Place (Central London), Tara Theatre (Earslfield, South London), Chipping Norton Arts Centre, and other smaller venues. -  Selected videos of the show are received around 5500 views.

Other Music and Dance Shows created by Gundula, performed with Tatcho Drom and Dancer Linda Cremin:

Russian Gypsy Soul - YouTube

Balkan Express  - YouTube

Funded Projects

Balkan Organ Carnival:

a performance for Church Organ, Gypsy Orchestra and Steel Pan funded by Heritage Funding with music arranged and composed by Gundula. It includes traditional music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, as well as a new composition 'One Day in Grunistan' a micro symphony dedicated to the occasion of St. John’s Church organ restoration. Two performances at St John’s Church, Notting Hill and at Wanstead Church encompassed 50 musicians, a total of 500 people. Performance Videos reached 15,370 views.

The Magic of Making Music

An Arts and Community project with a budget of 15,000 around the theme of creative music making, Funded by Awards for All and sponsored by Sonic Violins, the Early Music Shop and Ray Man Eastern Music. Activities included a 10-week improvisation course, a workshop ‘Make Instruments from Recycled Materials’, Music Socials with small performances and jams sessions. The highlight was a one-day festival Music Discovery Day with family and evening concerts, jam sessions making music with glass bottles and kitchen utensils, workshops making clarinets and trumpets from root vegetables and a Music Try-Out Market, where people could try playing usual and unusual instruments. Around 500 active Participants, 80 performers and 700 audience were present; Radio and online reached several thousand people.

A4A - End-of-Grant Report

A4A - Grant-End Confirmation


Arts and Community Project in collaboration with the London-based Czureja Romany family of musicians and dancers. The project included the development of a music and dance show ‘Gypsy Extravaganza’ which was performed at Union Chapel, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, Bedford Corn Exchange, Cecil Sharp House and some smaller places. Community activities included Romany language classes, dance costume-making session, and an outing to the Romany Museum in Kent. The total cost of around 18,000 were partly funded by Awards for All and partly from ticket money. The project involved around 60 performers, around 50 active participants and around 1200 audience. Videos reached 4,600 people.

Balkan Village Band

Performance & Educational Group

Balkan Village Band:

Consistently inspired to share stories and music with a wide range of players, Gundula created a community group four years ago. The music is taught by ear, ensuring it is accessible for every level of player. Additionally, improvisation is explored and encouraged by Gundula, leading the band to discover a huge variety of music styles. The group performs for community festivals and events. YouTube

City University Balkan Ensemble:

Gundula formed this group as a student's ensemble whilst completing her MA in Ethnomusicology at City University. It was then promoted into a credited performance module, and became one of City Universities most popular performance ensembles, appearing regularly at the Christmas Cabaret, the International Week and other University events. YouTube

London Gypsy Orchestra:

Gundula founded the LGO in 2005, developing such from a 20 piece amateur group into a 50 piece community orchestra. As well as teaching and leading the group, Gundula created ten compositions and over forty arrangements, all inspired by traditional pieces. The LGO appeared at over fifty concerts and festivals, with audiences varying from 200 to 2000 people. Performance venues included Union Chapel, Cecil Sharp House, South Bank Centre and others. YouTube

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