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Magic Maths Tuition

+44 (0)7393567791

Magic Maths School Booking Options:

Regular Weekly Lessons:


Trial Lessons for New Students:

Maths Lesson Bundles for One Term:

Pay for 10 lessons and get the 11th lesson free

subject to the successful completion of all paid lessons.

  • The lessons will take place weekly on a pre-agreed day and time that suit both the student and the teacher.

  • The voucher is valid for a full term, and the free lesson will be added at the end, once the paid lessons have been successfully completed. No regular lessons will take place during half-term holidays.

  • After purchasing the bundle, the agreed weekly spot is reserved, and guaranteed to the student.

  • The bundle also allows for a couple of lessons to be skipped due to illness or other commitments by both the students and the teacher. If a lesson needs to be changed, a minimum of 24 hours' notice should be given by contacting the teacher via email, WhatsApp or SMS. However, in exceptional cases, such as falling ill, shorter notice may be accepted

  • To ensure transparency and easy access to lesson information, the completed lessons will be tracked on a shared Google Doc. The teacher will add the date of each completed lesson, along with homework and lesson notes, which can be viewed by both the student and parents. Additionally, the booked lesson dates will be shared in a Google Calendar, allowing for easy scheduling and sharing with the students and parents (please note, calendar sharing only synchronises reliably, when both parties use Google Calendar).

  • If extra lessons are needed due to exam preparations or because the bundle has been used up well before the end of the term, additional lessons can be booked.

  • Contact Mihajlo at 07393567791 or for more information or to book your bundle

Trial Lessons for New Students:

  • For new students we offer a trial lesson with no commitment for half price

  • The lesson will be confirmed upon receipt of payment, and a 24-hour notice period for any changes applies.

  • Please contact Mihajlo at 07393567791 or to ask for more details and book your session.



Payments can be made by bacs, debit/credit card (new!) or in cash.

Bank details:

Bank: Santander
Name: Magic Violin
Account No: 04480368
Sort Code: 09-01-50

Terms & Conditions for Term Bundles:

  • The lessons booked in one bundle cannot be transferred to the next term.

  • Changes to the lesson schedule can be requested by both parties in writing (email, WhatsApp, SMS). However, the number of changes should be reasonable and should allow for the completion of all lessons within the duration of the term bundle. In the event of changes, lessons can also be conducted online if necessary.

  • The regular lesson day and time are only guaranteed after the term bundle has been purchased. A reminder of renewal will be sent, before the spot is given away.

  • To ensure sufficient progress and to achieve good exam results, the completing of any given homework and regular self-study by the student is essential.

  • If a student decides to discontinue lessons, we kindly request a notice period of 4 weeks. This allows us to offer the spot to another student who may be interested in taking over.

Term Bundle
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