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Magic Maths Tuition

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Book for Monthly Payments on an Annual Contract

Pay in regular monthly instalments

for a discounted lesson fee

This booking option ensures regular and committed lessons with maximum flexibility. It provides the best value for money and allows for easy budgeting by spreading payments evenly over 11 months.


  • ​The contract is linked to the dates of the academic year, from September until July of the following year. For starting dates later in the year, the contract may be adapted accordingly.

  • The total annual fee will include 32 weekly lessons, evenly distributed across the 3 school terms of one academic year. There are no regular lessons during school holidays.

  • The amount of lessons booked for the year allows for approximately 4 lessons to be skipped due to illness or other commitments by both the students and the teacher. If a lesson needs to be changed, a minimum of 24 hours' notice should be given by contacting the teacher via email, WhatsApp or SMS. However, in exceptional cases, such as falling ill, shorter notice may be accepted.

  • If a student does not turn up to a class without prior notice, the class will be marked as completed and be lost.

  • To ensure transparency and easy access to lesson information, the completed lessons will be tracked on a shared Google Doc. The teacher will add the date of each completed lesson, along with homework and lesson notes, which can be viewed by both the student and parents. Additionally, the booked lesson dates will be shared in a Google Calendar, allowing for easy scheduling and sharing with the students and parents (please note, calendar sharing only synchronises reliably , when both parties use Google Calendar).

  • The total fee will be divided into 12 equal payments, to be collected via monthly direct debit. Upon signing up, the first payment will be debited, and the remaining 11 instalments will occur shortly before the first lesson. Subsequent payments will continue in regular monthly debits, with the last payment in July.

  • A discount of 4% will be applied to the total amount payable.

  • In the event of early contract cancellation, a 4-week notice period is required. Please note that any outstanding fees will still be payable for the notice period.

  • Contact Mihajlo at 07393567791 or for more information or to book your bundle

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